Recovering money from Ginix

This site is not run by Ginix, Inc. For the official Ginix site, please see

This site is run by a client of Ginix. Ginix has collected thousands of dollars on my behalf. They currently owe me more than 5000. I am not the only one Ginix owes money.

For the time being, this site only serves the purpose of communicating my own concerns to the Ginix management. I am not a hero. I am not running for public office. I just would like Ginix to remit to my account what they have collected on my behalf. It is my intention to take off this site once I have received my money.

Until this will have happened, I will maintain my site as a forum on Ginix and their executives. I already have collected myself a lot of data about Ginix, and I shall now concentrate on documenting Ginix and their executives as widely as possible. I have already set up one related domain, More will follow.

I understand that their bank (Manufacturer's Bank) also plays a role in the mess, and the non-remittance of my money. I have tried to contact Mr. Ariu Levi (who has been on top of their management page which has since been taken off their server), and I have tried to contact Manufacturer's Bank, but have received no reply.

I am the author of a good number of subscription sites for which we have used Ginix as payment processor. Our Ginix account number is 10213.

I don't run your average adult site. I'm a legitimate journalist who has been publishing mostly on the Internet for some 5 years. There is not a single photo on any of the subscription sites I maintain, and for which Ginix has been collecting subscription fees. My medium is language, and exclusively language.

As an Asia-based author who publishes and sells information on the Internet, I am of course very vulnerable. I need a payment processor like Ginix to collect my subscription fees. I am vulnerable because the payment processor will have to forward to me the payments that they collected for my work.

Not all always do. A few years back, I used PayPal. After a good number of payments had arrived, they suspended my account, without informing me in any way what would happen with the money that has arrived in their bank, but was my money.

You can read about what happened with my PayPal account on my site To get to my site, just type PayPal into the search field of Google or any other search engine. will be shown on the first page of the search results.

I'd like you (at Ginix) to understand the way I function. I'm a journalist and writer, and I have been so for all my life. I went through all stages the profession has to offer: I started as a newspaper and magazine reporter, was a TV news editor and a foreign correspondent, and I have written a good number of books. I am now rather independent, which means that I wouldn't have to write for income just to support me and my family.

Which doesn't mean that I would no longer write, or appreciate additional income.

Sentences constantly form in my head. They form not just on any topic, but always on something that irks me or concerns me. Just see It took them weeks to settle with me. So, for weeks, too, I wrote articles about them.

I obviously took measures to assure that would rank well with search engines. This is much easier to do than most people believe. Search engines rank sites in accordance to link popularity. I myself own about 300 sites, many in first place listings.

If it takes Ginix long enough to settle with me, will also rank well with search engines. Actually, I can guarantee a first-ten listing if I am irked enough to pursue the matter.

I don't mind if a payment processor decides to stop dealing with me. They may have their reasons, and I can easily switch to another one. I do mind about the money they have collected for my articles. In short, I want this money remitted to me.

I am vulnerable, because the payment processor, e.g. PayPal or Ginix, will have to make a remittance. I can't access their bank account.

Payment processors, of course, are also vulnerable, especially if they stay in business beyond the time I have been their client.